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Come and experience the magic of the Tongariro region in Winter, Adrift Outdoors have some fantastic winter specials for the whole family.  Choose from a Guided Tongariro Alpine Crossing where 1 child per paying adult gets to go for half price!  Or experience a 2 hour sunset guided walk where kids go FREE (1 per paying adult).*

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Adrift is a personal and professional guiding company. We are based in National Park Village on the fringe of the Tongariro National Park and within easy reach of the remote Whanganui National Park. We also have a base in Taupo that connects with Turangi and the perfect beachside base at Whangapoua on the Coromandel Peninsular. Our most popular adventures are: walking trips in the Tongariro National Park, canoeing trips within the Whanganui National Park on the Whanganui River and sea kayaking around Coromandel.

However we are not limited to these locations or activities and our services are available for what ever adventures you desire. We cater for local and international individuals, family groups and school groups and have vast experience at working with people of all ages and abilities to ensure your adventure is comfortable, safe and fun.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing News

Winter Special!!

Come and experience the magic of the Tongariro region in Winter, Adrift Outdoors have some fantastic winter specials for the whole family.  Choose from a Guided Tongariro Alpine Crossing where 1 child per paying adult gets to go for half price!  Or experience a 2 hour sunset guided walk where kids go FREE (1 per paying adult).

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At the start of May 2013 the Department of Conservation announced the re-opening of the northern section of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing after the 2012 eruptions.  This will allow walkers to walk the full length of the track from Mangatepopo car-park to the Ketetahi car-park.  This will take effect from Wednesday 8 May, 2013. 

Ruapehu Area Manager Jonathan Maxwell said that this was great news for the tourism industry in the central North Island and for New Zealand as a whole.  “Our staff have put a great deal of work into ensuring that robust risk assessment has been applied before the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is re-opened.  There is improved, on-going monitoring of volcanic activity on Mt Tongariro and DOC will continue improve other risk management including working closely with GNS Science to develop automated early warning systems”, said Jonathan. 

The Mangatepopo Road and car-park and the Ketetahi Road and car-park will be re-opened from May 8 and local bus concessionaires will continue to provide transport to and from these car parks as was done prior to the eruptions of Te Maari in 2012. 

Additional toilets have been put in at the Soda Springs and temporary repairs have been made to the Ketetahi Hut which will now act as a day shelter until it is replaced with a new day shelter in 2014.  

Visitors are asked to carefully read the warning signs and to at all times be aware that they are in an active volcanic zone when they are on the section of track from Blue Lake to most of the way to the Ketetahi car-park.  Prior to next October additional signage will be put in place to help improve visitor safety. The aim is also to install electronic sign boards which will be rapidly updated if volcanic unrest increases. 

Jonathan also said that, “Visitors should talk with their bus driver or guide to get advice on what action to take should a volcanic event happen.  It is important to read the safety brochure provided by the bus drivers and guides and also available in the car parks.  We want our visitors to come and enjoy themselves in this exciting living landscape but they also need to do all they can to keep themselves safe.”

Eruption Update - 27 November

This Thursday 29th November the re-opening of Tongariro Alpine Crossing tracks up to Red Crater and Emerad lakes ensures visitors are not only be used safely but will have an amazing enhanced experience.

Visitor and staff safety on our tours is paramount and that has always been Adrift’s priority.

Tongariro National Park has world heritage status for it’s natural and cultural values. It is an active and living landscape and the recent events have left more exciting active features for people to view, film and photograph.

Volcanic landscapes around the world including Tongariro are first class tourism venues attracting thousands of visitors each year. Tongariro with this recent activity may have just jumped up the world-wide must do list, to perhaps the top. The world famous Emerald Lakes, depicted in everyone’s photographs of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, are even more spectacular and vivid as a result of the recent volcanic activity.

This summer will be a great time to visit, while you can still see evidence of the recent volcanic activity in an active natural landscape. There are few other places in the world where people can safely get this close to an active volcano.

At 80,000ha, the Tongariro National Park has a wide range of options for visitors in addition to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing as a whole will take longer to re-open with the section of track past the Te Maari vents remaining closed at this stage.  It will be re-opened as soon as the current risks are assessed by DOC as being sufficiently low to ensure public safety.  This assessment will be based on the probability of significant hazards from further eruptions.


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