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Terms and Conditions


 New Zealand weather is extremely changeable and it is impossible to forecast it with 100% accuracy.  Adrift Tongariro, therefore, has the right to cancel an trip should we consider the weather to cause too high a risk to your safety.  We do however guarantee a departure in all weather conditions, provided we can offer one safely.

We thrive and excel in the wind, rain, sleet, snow and even hot and humid conditions. Our guides are fully qualified and have the experience to handle the weather. For all tours, decisions are made at the meeting time for that tour at the Adrift Tongariro base.  All departures meet at the Adrift Tongariro base: 53 Carroll St, National Park Village.

In the event of unfavorable conditions the following options are available at either the clients request or Adrift Tongariro’s decision:

Option 1: At the tour meeting time at the Adrift Tongariro base the Adrift Tongariro team will gauge the safety of the route. Adrift Tongariro will deem the weather to be unsafe if there is consistently 10mm or more of rain combined with wind gusts of 70 km/h or higher, forecasted for the 6 hour period starting at the commencement of the tour. If we believe that the advertised route should not attempted for safety, Adrift Tongariro will suggest either an alternate route where the client will get to see similar terrain as they would on the tour booked (without the same exposure to the weather), or offer a postponement to another day, or a full refund.  If the clients accept an alternate route or postponement the option of a refund is forfeited.

Option 2: Adrift Tongariro commences the tour with the intention of completing the tour. If the weather is not safe to proceed along the stated route then Adrift Tongariro will guide up to a point and turn around. If we start the tour and return to the start within 4 hours of tour commencement, and if the guide decides to turn the group around for safety as a result of the adverse elements (not client discomfort), then we offer a partial refund. The refund will be calculated as the difference between a full day tour cost, and the half day tour cost, plus the cost for lunch. For the Tongariro Alpine Crossing tour: In the event the tour does not succeed in finishing at Ketatahi car park because of conditions, then Adrift may offer another trip with a 50% discount applied


A full refund is given to all cancellations made by clients up to 14 days prior the tour date.  Adrift Tongariro will also offer the ability for the client to postpone to another day or arrange for an alternate tour provided there are other tours running.

Adrift Tongariro accepts no responsibility for the clients use of third party transportation nor any acts of god, illness or injury, affecting the clients ability to commence their scheduled tour. No refund will be made on cancellations within 14 days of the start of the adventure or if the client does not show up for their scheduled tour. 

Adrift Tongariro external endorsements

Adrift Tongariro are a registered professional commercial mountaineering, canoeing and biking company, with independently audited safety systems, registered with The Department of Health and Safety – our registration number is AAO869. Adrift Tongariro is also fully Qualmark endorsed and is a Department of Conservation concessioner for the Tongariro and Whanganui National Parks. Adrift Tongariro is a member of the tourism industry association New Zealand. Director Stewart Barclay is a member of the New Zealand Outdoor Instructor Association as a qualified alpine, canoe and bush instructor.