Terms and Conditions

Individual and group bookings

We take all individual and group bookings. If you are traveling alone please book as we generally meet minimum numbers. Our Minimum group size is three people. Prices are based on a minimum of three people. Single customers will be accepted but should the minimum number of three not be met we will charge a surcharge of an extra person(s) or re-book the client onto a date when minimum numbers have been met. If we are unable to find a tour date to suit you other than the date you have requested then we will refund the tour cost in full. If possible and agreeable with all parties, single customers will be placed with a group and there will be no surcharge.

Health and Fitness, Drugs and Alcohol

All clients are to fill in their personal emergency and health and fitness details online prior to arriving at the Adrift base. 

Adrift Tongariro must be informed of any medical issues which could hinder your or the groups safety or the ability to complete the walk. Adrift have the right to safely return a person to the start of the tour should that person not, in the guides opinion, meet with the physical mental or general fitness minimum requirement to complete the tour. 

Adrift Tongariro reserves the right to refuse to guide anyone who in Adrift’s Opinion is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or is acting in a manner which is disruptive or refuses to take Adrifts directions, no refund will be offered.

In the interests of safety and general enjoyment, restrictions may apply in regard to age, level of fitness and standard of health required in order to complete the tour.  

All trips have a minimum clothing policy and equipment requirements that clients must adhere to.


In any adventure activity, there is an element of risk involved. Risks in undertaking this activity include a risk of hypothermia & a risk of slipping which could result in injury. 

The Tongariro National Park is an Active Volcanic zone and whilst we adhere strictly to the alert levels you are walking on an active volcano with the safest possible alert level of zero. However volcanoes can erupt at any time without notice. Volcanic experts say that hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is vastly safer on our guided tour than driving a car. 

The staff & management of Adrift Outdoors Ltd take all practical steps to identify & minimise potential danger. However, you must follow our instructions & use the safety equipment provided at all times. 

We reserve the right to withdraw any person who in our opinion is likely to endanger themselves or others. We also reserve the right to cancel the trip if we become concerned for any reason for your safety or that of another person. 

Adults accompanying any person under the age of 18 must ensure that the underage person follows our instructions at all times. You agree to release or indemnify Adrift Outdoors Ltd & our staff against any liability we incur to anyone else resulting in your failure to follow our instructions or the failure of any person accompanying you under the age of 18. 

Please inform us of any medical conditions or other information we need to know to include you safely in this activity. Some examples: Asthma, Heart Conditions, Epilepsy, Pregnancy, and/or other problems including knees or ankles. You are entitled to access the information we hold about you or to request its correction at any time. If hire gear is damaged from being mistreated due to abrasion, crampon spikes or carelessness, then the person that has hired the item/s is liable to pay for the replacement cost of the item/s.

Weather and trip decisions

New Zealand weather is extremely changeable and thus difficult to forecast accurately.  Adrift Tongariro have the right to cancel an adventure should we consider the weather to cause too high a risk.  Adrift Tongariro guarantees a departure in all weather conditions, provided we can offer one safely. 

We thrive and excel in the wind, rain, sleet, snow and even hot and humid conditions. Our guides are fully qualified and have the experience to handle all conditions. However we do not guarantee reaching the intended objective. Safety decisions regarding client health and fitness weather avalanche ice volcanic activity and hypothermia are taken into consideration when securing our exact route for the day. 

All decisions regarding the departure of the tour are made at the meeting time for that tour at the Adrift Tongariro base. 

All departures meet at the Adrift Tongariro base 53 Carroll St, National Park Village. 


In the event of adverse conditions, Adrift will offer one of the following options, this is solely an Adrift Tongariro  decision: 

Option 1 At the tour meeting time at the Adrift Tongariro base the Adrift Tongariro team will gauge the safety of the route. Adrift Tongariro will deem the weather to be unsafe if there is consistently 10mm or more of rain combined with wind gusts of 70 km/h or higher, forecasted for the 6 hour period starting at the commencement of the tour. If we believe that the advertised route should not be attempted for safety reasons, Adrift Tongariro will suggest either an alternate route where the client will get to see similar terrain as they would on the tour booked without the same exposure to the weather, or offer a postponement to another day, or a full refund  (full refund does not apply to the The Adrift tours, Tongariro Alpine Crossing special and Mt Ruapehu special mentioned below). If the clients accept an alternate route or postponement the option of a refund is forfeited.

Option 2 Adrift Tongariro commences the tour with the intention of completing the tour. If the weather is not safe to proceed along the stated route, then Adrift Tongariro will guide up to a point and turn around. If we return to the start of the hike within 4 hours of tour commencement and if the guide decides to turn the group around for safety as a result of the adverse elements (not client discomfort) or in the event the tour fails to reach the intended objective because of conditions, then Adrift Tongariro may offer another trip with a 50% discount applied. (The 50% discount does not apply to the The Adrift tours, Tongariro Alpine Crossing special and Mt Ruapehu special mentioned below)


Cancellation and postponement  

All Adrift Tours 

If a tour is cancelled for any reason then, Adrift Tongariro will suggest either an alternate route where the client will get to see similar terrain as they would on the tour booked without the same exposure to the weather, or we will postpone your booking for up to 12 months from the original tour commencement date, providing Adrift can place you into an existing tour. The postponed tour must meet with all other terms and conditions and no refund is available should the tour on the postponement date not eventuate.  

Adrift tours, excluding the Tongariro Alpine Crossing Special and Mt Ruapehu Special, a full refund is given to all cancellations made by clients up to 14 days prior the tour date. 

All Adrift tours, Adrift Tongariro accepts no responsibility for the clients use of third party transportation nor any acts of god nor illness or injury, which affects the client’s ability to commence their scheduled tour. No refund will be made if the client does not show up for their scheduled tour. If possible Adrift will endeavour to postpone the booking  to  future date 

The Adrift tours, Tongariro Alpine Crossing special and Mt Ruapehu special. These are greatly discounted prices and no refunds are available under any circumstance.

Bookings and Reconfirmation 

Bookings are best made online, once made a confirmation of booking will be emailed. You are required to fill in the online client emergency contact and health form prior to arrival at the Adrift Tongariro base for your tour. Confirmation of booking will serve as receipt and if applicable GST invoice. Payment in full is taken upon booking.

Reconfirmation It is essential all clients phone the Adrift Tongariro base between 10:00am – 5:00pm the day prior to trip date to reconfirm tour departure time and discuss exact timings.  +64 7892 2751.

Private Full-Day Guiding

A private guide is the ultimate experience! Adrift Tongariro offers 2 or 4-hour walks, 1-day hikes or multi-day adventures in the Tongariro and Whanganui National Parks.  Our private trips provide you with a highly personal, informative and friendly experience that you will never forget. Get the best adventure possible from our wonderful volcanic mountains and peaceful Whanganui River. Trips are tailored to suit your fitness levels and, where possible, your desired achievements.  We assess the weather and track conditions, provide transport that is waiting for you at the end of your hike, and sort out other little details that will maximise your enjoyment.

Mt Ngauruhoe Guided Walk

The Mt Ngauruhoe climb is the hardest climb of the Tongariro and Ruapehu tours. And as such, especially in winter, clients need to either have a proven ability and experience or book onto one of our other tours where they can gain experience (especially with the use of crampons in winter) and can be assessed by one of the Adrift Tongariro guides. 

Sunrise Tongariro Alpine Crossing Guided Walk

In the event that Adrift Tongariro consider the weather to be of such a nature to expose the group to undue risk then Adrift Tongariro will defer the tour to a day tour.  PLEASE ALLOW FOR THIS IN YOUR ITINERARY.  If a day tour does not proceed and an alternative tour is not viable then a full refund will be given.

If Adrift Tongariro defer a sunrise tour to a day tour the difference in the cost of these two tours will be refunded.  

This is a Tongariro Alpine guided tour. We do not guarantee reaching the Ketetahi end. Safety regarding weather, avalanche, ice and hypothermia are taken into consideration when securing our exact route for the day. 

Child Policy

Adrift Tongariro will take children 12 years old and over.  Children under 12 years old need approval from Adrift Tongariro. 

Christmas and New Year Operations

All tour bookings New Year’s Day will only be offered at the private price point with a minimum of two pax.  Boxing day and the 2nd January incur at 50% surcharge on the normal tour rate, minimum of two pax. Adrift Tongariro is closed Christmas Day.

Meals for full day and multi-day tour

Lunch is not included in tour pricing but is available as a separate booked item (see rate sheet), this must be advised at the time of booking, we have two options vegetarian or non-vegetarian (usually including ham in the filled roll).  Any other dietary requirements are not able to be catered for so clients must make arrangements to bring their own lunch.

Return Transfers 

All return transfers require a minimum of two persons to operate transfers. Return transfers are an additional service and cost over and above the tour booking, available with selected full day and half day guided tours with Adrift Tongariro only. Transport between the Adrift Tongariro base and the activity is included in the price. 

All times listed are approximate and therefore essential all clients phone the Adrift Tongariro base between 10:00am – 5:00pm the day prior to the trip date to confirm transfer pick up time.  +64 7892 2751.

Adrift Tongariro external endorsements

Adrift Tongariro are a registered professional commercial mountaineering, canoeing and biking company, with independently audited safety systems, registered with The Department of Health and Safety – our registration number is AAO869. Adrift Tongariro is also fully Qualmark endorsed and is a Department of Conservation concessioner for the Tongariro and Whanganui National Parks. Adrift Tongariro is a member of the tourism industry association New Zealand. Director Stewart Barclay is a member of the New Zealand Outdoor Instructor Association as a qualified alpine, canoe and bush instructor.