Tongariro Alpine Crossing weather forecast for this weekend.

10 – 14 September. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.
As at Wednesday 7:00 pm. Weather forecast valid for midday at Red Crater.

Thursday 10 September

A cool day with moderate westerly winds. It will be mostly cloudy but there may be rain in the afternoon and snow in the evening. Avalanche risk moderate above 1800m.
Wind: W 50 km/hr
Precipitation: 0 mm
Temp: -11°C
Freeze Level: 2000m.

Friday 11 September

A cold day with moderate southerly winds. The day may be clear with possibly some snow falling. Avalanche risk will possibly be moderate below 2300m.
Wind: S 60 km/hr
Precipitation: 0 mm
Temp: -12°C
Freeze Level: 1200m.

Saturday 12 September

Cold to start and warming during the day with light winds. It is likely to be clear skies all day. Avalanche risk will possibly be moderate below 2300m.

Sunday 13 September

A cool day with moderate south-westerly winds, stronger in the morning. It could be cloudy. Avalanche risk will possibly be moderate above 1800m.

Monday 14 September

A cool day with strong southwesterly winds, stronger in the afternoon. The day could be cloudy with snow.  Avalanche risk will possibly be moderate above 1800m.

Tuesday and Wednesday long-range forecast looks poor with very strong winds and possibly some snow.

Photos: Mt Ruapehu this week.

Track and weather conditions.

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is in winter snow conditions, which should last until mid October. Weather conditions in all New Zealand mountains are very changeable. Be prepared to experience low visibility, high winds and rain. The weather variability means you MUST HAVE good outdoor clothing and an understanding of what the weather will be like on the day in front of you. Our guides are fully experienced and qualified to make these decisions for you. Just ask. We have a shop with all the outdoor clothing needs to keep you comfortable and safe.

You are walking on an active volcano with the safest possible alert level of zero. However volcanoes can erupt at anytime without notice. Volcanic experts say that hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing is vastly safer on our guided tour than driving a car.

Book a guided tour with Adrift Tongariro. We specialise in guiding those who have little to no hiking experience but have desire and a sense of exploration.

Winter Specials

Adrift Tongariro: Tongariro Alpine Crossing in winter


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Winter Special


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