Guided canoe tours on the Whanganui River 


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Whanganui National Park: River Canoeing

The Whanganui National Park has rugged terrain covered in beautiful and lush native forest. The magical Whanganui River flows through it. From Taumarunui to Pipiriki, the Whanganui River is part of the Department of Conservation (DOC) Great-Walk network.

The 3- or 4-day Whakahoro to Pipiriki section is the most popular for canoeing. From Whakahoro, the only access out of the river is by canoe. It is this remoteness and the forest filtered fresh-air that makes this trip and truly rejuvenating holiday. The Canadian canoes used on this river are well suited for the water, with gentle rapids and stretches of still water in the beautiful gorges. The canoes also hold plenty of gear. Bring your luxuries on these trips!

The Whanganui River is rich with Maori and European history. The greatest of which is the famous Bridge to Nowhere. Just like the early explorers, you will see the spectacular sheer gorges rising hundreds of metres to distant ridge. You may even hear a Kiwi calling while you relax under the stars.

Adrift provides qualified, experienced and personable guides whose sole purpose is to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and memorable adventure.

There are many marvels and obstacles on the journey. Our guides will willingly offer their experience and anecdotes. Equally there are times where we will leave you to absorb the tranquility and solitude.